Friday, August 10, 2007

The most dreaded phrase 1:
"Mommy, my nose is stuck, Esther cannot sleep.."

The most dreaded phrase 2:
"I want *peng2....... "
Note: *also known as pacifier

The most heart-melting phrase:
"Mommy, no angry with me please..."

The most upsetting phrase:
"I don't want you!"

The most frequently asked question:
"What daddy say?"

Yeah, that's my girl, 2 yrs 4 mths old. More to come, I look forward for those "whys... "

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Went to Dr Lam today as she has been having wet nose since Monday. Yesterday, she started coughing. Worst of all, she has been cranky, especially at night, angry with her "stuck nose". Reason is, when she has her 'peng peng' on her mouth with her nose stucked, she could not breathe! Anyway, hopefully she will get well soon... and save us from the agony of having air-con-less nights! *grr*.. Medicine list: Dimetapp for wet nose, Fedac syrup for cough, Amxol syrup for phelgm.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Especially for my siblings n bro-in-law n dearest nephew Aaron. Happy Chinese New Year guys, love you all.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sleepy Moments

My Pink Bus

Yeah, check out my new pink bus! First and last stop: Causeway Point.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blog from phone

Nice or not? At least I know my 3G to Internet works.. I'm not very happy leh.. pic not so sharp.. or maybe I don't know how to use.. *sigh*.. A sign to buy new cammy..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

She fell down from the bed again last night!!!! That's the second time and I hope will be the last time. Gave me a big shock. 3.30 AM and suddenly 'Brakkk' and I woke up, didn't see her anywhere in my sight!! Next, a loud cry, and there she was, seated on the floor. Gave me a big fright.

She's ok this morning though. Running and jumping around as usual. No bruises or abnormal behaviour. I guess it's just part and parcel of growing up. I so need to get used to this.... *sigh*

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hazy Birthday...

Originally uploaded by limothy_onFlickr.

I was trying to make this day memorable, in a good way, as I was entering into my next level of "maturity".

Nature, somehow, has decided to "help" me out. They sent Mr Haze and family on an excursion, particularly to Singapore, perhaps to join my celebration programs.

Morning, we went to have McD breakfast at Causeway Point. Noon, we had a simple lunch at home, with all windows closed, air-con on, trying to prevent Mr Haze and family from joining us.. (fyi, my family and I certainly don't welcome them). Late afternoon, we decided to take a few hours of "refuge" at Takashimaya, by staying indoor in the mall. The interesting thing is, Best Denki was having a 'Hazy Sale', air cleaners selling at special prices, ranging from SGD250-500!! A quick look at the cashier queue, yes, many in line had those machines packed. Hmm...

Memorable, right? Yea. Sure.